Saturday, November 20, 2010

Formicacuriosa Haiku

My Friend Katia aka Formicacuriosa  from Minsk, Belarus  has giving me the honor to Haiku some of her amazing photographs.

Cool Fogged Morn Walking
40 Years Old Woman 40 years
Love Slave Dear Love Slave

Is that the End There?
Is the Distant Future Cold?
Run Run to the End!

Brass Flower Waiting
Is Rapunzel Home Today?
Hint of rain today?

White White All White White
Who is Behind that Window?
Snow Make It Whiter?

Wheel of Time Wait Please
The Road Back is Cold & Wet
I Want to be Home


sweselby said...

Love the 'Wheel of Time' effort OSB. Top marks! - Stevie_wes

Anonymous said...

I love the three line Haiku the most, about the frog for instance. And of cause I loved the Haiku you made using my pictures! It's honor for me! Thank you!

OldSchoolBill said...

The honor was mine. I will be back to look at your wonderful pictures again soon!!