Sunday, November 28, 2010

HaikuSpud Glossary


Gender: Male
Astrological Sign: Libra
Occupation: Haiku Instructor & Head Pointer OldSchoolHaiku
Location: Davis Island, Florida United States
About Me: I was born in the Hasbro factory I don’t much recall of my early days.  My 1st memories are finding myself in the seasonal section of Target #1051 Gandy Blvd.  Tampa Florida.  My address was the corner of Isle 43 & Backwall; no name only # 204-10-0671, my net worth was down to $5.99 an all time low.  I was rescued one day by OldSchool he took me home and treated as one of his own family.  Gave me a new name, a pointer & a new self confidence he even sent me to UT.
Education: University of Tampa Masters of Pointing with a minor in Animated Eye Rolling.
Interests: Tooth Picks
Favorite Movies-Vantage Point, Point Break & Point of No Return
Favorite Music: Pointer Sisters

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