Sunday, December 5, 2010

5 Minute Sunday Macro WalkAbout

Pictures by OldSchoolBill Haiku from White Crow Haiku
crossing a bridge, with departing spring, a butterfly shadow

still enfolded, in the iris buds, first warmth

glazed with ice, chrysanthemums frozen, on their shadows

hibiscus flower ,a hummingbird, spills ruby dew

noon siesta, in dreams also, cicadas cry

by this path, where we part forever, bindweed in flower

moon eclipsed, each blossom of plum, haloed with light

quietness, blossoms fall onto, reflections of clouds

flowers scatter, touched by wind, a koto sounds

fallen frost, insects cry in the shadow, of a cross

cold remains, in a single shadow of the white iris, frost falls late

cold increasing, reed shadows too, a bit withered