Sunday, December 5, 2010

Basho Squirrel

Saturday morning setting at the laptop cup of coffee in hand looking at “Haiku of Basho” heard more than the normal tiny feet running on the roof.  Grabbed the camera headed to the front yard, there must have been 25 squirrels running, jumping, chasing, falling, getting back up & just having squirrel fun.  Taking into account my usual over statement of the facts there were 6 happy squirrels having fun.  These pictures are the ones that seem to fit the “Haiku of Basho” that waited for my return to the laptop.

Ah me! I am one, who spends his little breakfast Morning-glory gazing-"Basho Squirrel
Won't you come and see loneliness? Just one leaf from the kiri tree- Basho Squirrel
On a withered branch, A squirrel has alighted, midday in autumn- Basho Squirrel
Wake! The sky is light! let us to the road again . . . Companion butterfly- Basho Squirrel 

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