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OldSchoolHaiku New Years Eve Facts

The Celebration of the New Year's is said to be the Oldest of all Holidays in the World.  First observed in an ancient Babylon Meet-Up about 4012 years ago at the Babylon Holiday Inn Central. In the years around 2000 BC, the Babylonian New Year began with the first New Moon (actually the first visible crescent) after the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring).

The beginning of spring is a logical time to start a new year. After all, it is the season of Rebirth, of planting new crops, and of blossoming. January 1, on the other hand, has no astronomical or agricultural significance. It is purely arbitrary much like seeing Christmas decorations in the stores in July.
The Babylonian New Year celebration lasted for eleven days. Each day had its own particular mode of celebration, but it is safe to say that most of the modern New Year's Eve festivities pale in comparison.
Romans continued to observe the New Year in late March, (Happy New March does not have the right ring to it) but their calendar was continually tampered with by various emperors so that the calendar soon became out of synchronization with the sun.
In order to set the calendar right, the Roman Senate, in 153 BC, declared January 1 to be the beginning of the New Year.  But tampering continued until Julius Caesar, in 46 BC, established what has come to be known as the Julian calendar. It again established January 1 as the New Year. But in order to synchronize the calendar with the sun, Caesar had to let the previous year drag on for 445 days talk about a Long Year.
Although in the first centuries AD the Romans continued celebrating the New Year, the early Catholic Church condemned the festivities as paganism. But as Christianity became more widespread, the early church began having its own religious observances concurrently with many of the pagan celebrations, and New Year's Day was no different. New Years is still observed as the Feast of Christ's Circumcision by some denominations.
Among the 7th-century pagans of Flanders and the Netherlands it was the custom to exchange gifts at the New Year, a pagan custom deplored by Saint Eligius who warned the Flemings and Dutchmen, Do not make vetulas, (little figures of the Old Woman), little deer or iotticos or (set tables for the house-elf, compare Puck at night or exchange New Year gifts or supply superfluous drinks)"
Most countries in Western Europe officially adopted January 1 as New Year's Day somewhat before they adopted the Gregorian calendar.  This is sometimes called Circumcision Style, because this was the date of the Feast of the Circumcision, being the eighth day counting from December 25
A few New Years Traditions around the World
In Brazil, celebrations are held around the nation. Most famous is the celebration in Rio de Janeiro which occurs in Copacabana beach, drawing 1.5 to 2.5 million people.
In Gibsonton, Florida all residents meet in the parking lot of Liquor Box Bar & participate in the countdown tradition of the Bait Bucket Ball Drop!  Fire Work provided by Bull Frog Creek Bait & Tackle.  Master of ceremony Darth Spider for the 8 straight years (9 if you count the year of his unfortunate incarceration).  The entire town then heads to the “Show Time” come on by there is always room for one more!!
In Australia, celebrations are held around the nation, especially in Sydney, where one of the world's largest fireworks displays draws 1 to 1.  5 million people to the harbor. Australia is one of the first countries in the world to celebrate the New Year.
In New York City, the world famous 1,070-pound, 6-foot-diameter Waterford crystal ball located high above Times Square is lowered starting at 11:59:00 p.m., or the last minute of the year, and reaches the bottom of its tower at the stroke of midnight.
Other ball drops occur in Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Sydney Harbor & Gibsonton Florida.
This day is also the occasion to make bonfires of discarded Christmas trees in  some countries. Russia the New Year is greeted by fireworks and drinking champagne. The New Year is considered a family celebration, with lavish dinner tables and gifts. The president of Russia normally counts down the final seconds of the "old year", as it is called in Russia. A giant clock tower chimes in the New Year, and it is customary to make a wish with each chime.
In South Korea, the most popular way of celebrating New Year's Day for is to travel to Jung Dong Jin, the place on the peninsula where the Sun can first be seen each day.
Popular New Year's Resolutions
Lose Weight-Managing Debt & Save Money Get a Better Job- Get Fit- Eat Right-Get a Better Education -Drink Less Alcohol-Quit Smoking Now -Reduce Stress Overall -Reduce Stress at Work -Take a Trip-Volunteer to Help Others

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