Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mr. HOME this fine day?


A known stranger came again next door,
And he waved the false friend’s hello,
He wore the crocked cocky smile,
Of the conceited yet uncaught.

The Mr. Home this fine day?

Though to be a friend’s friend,
He turned and knocked the door,
With-out thought of right or wrong,
Singing the silent song.

The Mr. Home this fine day?

Mrs. Brown came into the window,
With, fresh make-up not for her Mr. ,
She  looked not at but through me,
The answer now apparent.

The Mr. Home this fine day?


Hope said...

this is cool
do you get that often in your fine neighborhood? :)
great read wonderful flow

enjoyed this very much
have a great day!

dustus said...

What a great first line, even more powerful returning to it after reading the final line! Effective use of repetition as well.

Reflections said...

Nice... love the intrigue of this new world of strangers, wearing the crocked cocky smile of the conceited yet uncaught.

PattiKen said...

Oh, my, hanky panky in Suburbia. tsk tsk.