Monday, February 21, 2011


Multicolored burro,
Reaches for companionship, 
Feeling alone

Prehistoric soils,
This moment I watch,
Past windowpanes

Braying burro,
Watched by young love ,
Ignoring morning

Pacing buffalo,
Questioning imaginary gate,
Forever confined


Hope said...

love the photo's! especially the first one and the verse is perfect for it. Poor little guy.

you have a wonderful way with words and expressed your sentiments perfectly. enjoyed it all, OldSchool.
thank you

Hope said...
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chiccoreal said...

Dear OldSchoolHaiku: Really enjoyed these photo-haiku of the Badlands in Alberta? Totally the feeling of love here! Feeling for the buffalo "forever confined" yes, that certainly is his fate! Very observationally excellent!

jackie dick said...

Dear Dear Man! Love the happy to see you back! Yay! Hugs. xoxoxoxoxo