Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bottled Haiga

Without a sound,
Bottled sun escalates,
Deposit paid

StarLand Bee,
With joyful wings,
Summons day 

Milk drinker, 
Collects cereal bowl,
Tree house breakfast

Starland Dairy 101

In the early 1900’s, The Starland Dairy and The Savannah Dairy became close neighbors on the north side of Victory Drive situated on Bull Street and Drayton Street.  They serviced the growing city of Savannah with their dairy processing and bottling plants.  In 1932 The Savannah Dairy was built on site at 2424 Drayton Street, which is the same footprint of the Drayton Arts Center today. In 1934, the dairy changed hands and became Foremost Dairies. 
Foremost gained customers while the city of Savannah grew in population as evidenced in the 1950 
telephone directory full page advertisement stating “The finest in 
Ice Cream and Old Fashioned French Deluxe”.
In 1968, Farmbest Foods, Inc. bought out Foremost and remained on location as a functioning Dairy until 1976.  The building then fell into ruin and was used as random warehousing, until 2004.

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Anonymous said...

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