Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart’s eyes see only that first day.

A Saturday Celebration: St. Valentine’s Day

Always is that someone
as before we became we.

Faults obvious to others,
love blinded for us to see.

Differences long forgotten,
to be opposites.

Same destination arrived,
from two different paths.

Oblivious to all reason,
we travel hand in hand.

Laughing and cursing,
gravity’s unkind affects.

Heart’s eyes see only,
that first day.


Ruth said...

It's true, that first day changes everything.

Claudia said...

hmmm - i second ruth..

Kim Nelson said...

YES! Having been in a relationship with the same man since I was 17 -- I am now 51 -- I can verify that this is true!

moondustwriter said...

Love over looks so much

Beautiful piece and thanks from Pete and One Stop and me :)

Beverly Ann said...

So true. Lovely poem.

TALON said...

Those last two lines really sum up the beauty of love...

Hope said...


thank you