Sunday, November 21, 2010

Florida Pig Wranglers of Sun City

This senryu comic haiku is the result of the bright idea one afternoon to go horseback riding at the Sun City Stables on hwy 41.  Who didn’t want to be a cowboy at some point in their life?  On the way down there stopped at the Dollar store & bought a $2.00 hat when you are this set on adventure money is no object.  The Sun City Stables is somewhat different in a good way.  As I headed from the parking lot to the barn there were Pigs, lot of pigs running lose.  The light bulb almost knocked of my new cowboy hat.  I one moment I was transformed from your normal OldSchoolBill to one of the infamous Florida Pig Wranglers of Sun City.
As you look at this kushu collection of haiku poems have the song Rawhide going in the back of your mind here are some of the words. 
Movin', movin', movin',  Though they're disapprovin', Keep them piggies movin', pighide.Don't try to understand 'em,  Just rope an' throw an' brand 'em. Soon we'll be living high and wide.  My heart's calculatin',My true love will be waitin':  Waitin' at the end of my ride

calm morning horse, freedom ends now shoat soon chops, Roy the pig wrangler

An angled steed, fiery determination, bacon come back please

rusted broke axels, not all Pig Wranglers survive, raw Piggie Wrangler

 the things I'm missin’, good vittles, love, and kissin', the end of my ride

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