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Binge Haikuing or Compulsive Overeating Haikuing

Binge Haikuing & Compulsive Over Haikuing, Sevilla Spain
  Binge Haikuing or Compulsive Over Haikuin this disorder is often misunderstood. Some people think that those who are affected are crazy and can't control themselves but this is a common misconception. This type of prejudice makes it difficult for someone to seek help. At OldSchoolHaiku, we recognize the devastating effects of this illness and we can help you.

Information about Haiku Disorders & Binge Haikuing

BingeHaikuing also know as compulsive Over Haikuing is a disorder in where a person spouts large amounts of Haiku up to the point of making others uncomfortable, leaving feelings of guilt. People with this disorder are driven by compulsion to keep Haikuing.
Many resolve to stop due to guilt and poor self-image and attempt to maintain a strict No Haiku Zone. Unfortunately, this drastic method often backfires and results in another binge, leaving yet again feelings of shame and self-hatred. This disorder may be the most common of all disorders. In fact, approximately (research still being done at this time) today suffer from compulsivehauiking. Women and men are equally affected, with about two men affected for every three women. At OldSchoolHaiku our professional staff truly understands the complications and emotional suffering that this disorder causes. We can help you at OldSchoolHaiku with our innovative treatment methods.
Signs of Binge Haikuing or Compulsive Overeating Haikuing.
Haikuing to his own camera in Amsterdam

Common signs and symptoms:
  • Hiakuing at a rapid pace
  • Twitting  abnormally large amounts of Haiku
  • Haikuing  even when asleep
  • Nausea
  • Embarrassment, Haikuing alone
  • Feelings of shame and disgust after Haikuing
  • Loss of control over how much is Haikuied
  • Constantly stressing over unwritten Haiku
  • Frequently switching from one Haiku to another
The cycle of compulsive Haikuing is a vicious one. Much like those with bulimia, someone with a binge haikuing disorder knows that they have a problem and feels guilty as a result. Someone struggling with binge hiakuing or compulsive over haikuing will often have a history with harsh .tenja.   Because this is an illness and not a lack of willpower, interventions alone don't work. This often leads to numerous failed attempts to stop the madness. This failure, poor self-image, and persistent feeling of guilt, brings about yet another Hiakuathon. It is no wonder that most binge hiakuers suffer from haikuphoby as well. In fact, nearly half of all binge hiakuers are diagnosed with, or have been diagnosed with dehaikuession

Causes of Binge Haikuing or Compulsive Overhaikuing
The following are some factors that contribute to the onset of binge Haikuing or compulsive Haiku:
Binge Haikuing & Compulsive Over Haikuing even effects animals 
  • Biology may have an effect on the onset of binge Haiku in a person. Chemicals in the brain, metabolism, as well as certain genes may make some more susceptible to this disorder than others.
  • Psychological factors play a large role in the development of this disorder. Some people have a difficult time of handling their emotions, not knowing how to deal with anger and stress in life, and thus turn to Haiku for relief. Another psychological factor that may have an effect on this disorder is the presence of o dehaikuession or simply poor self-image.
  • Stress is also a factor that may affect binge Haikuing. A desire to haiku can trigger a binge haikuing episode. For someone who skips meals or doesn’t eat enough will be more vulnerable to binge haikuing than someone who is eating healthy.
  • The interpersonal environment has an effect on all areas of life, and can trigger the onset of compulsive haikuing. Someone who had or is in a troubled relationship is at-risk for this haikuing disorder.
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