Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bamboo Roller Shades

One Shot Wednesday - Week 28 

Coffee in hand
Bob observes from
Behind self imposed bamboo roller shades
Sun launch’s everyone’s day
Road, runway, path, sailboats just out of reach
Too hot, cold, dark, bright, wet, dry
Need to eat something
Breakfast most important meal of the day
Nothing to wear
Need a haircut already
Sink so dirty, what if someone saw
Run dishwasher or wash by hand
How did the fan get dirty again
Gas $3.09 a gallon
What if there is a break in
Tomorrow will be Better
Just know it Will
Turn Around
That’s what Friends Do


dustus said...

Great realism in your poem. Enjoyed the internal rhyme and the complement of the outstanding image paired to your words. Well done.

Claudia said...

welcome to real life! i like poems that look life into the eyes - coffee in hand - bamboo roller shades..nice

lizziviggi said...

This is gritty and real-- I love the little touches that bring us there: the coffee in hand, the dirty sink. It's a seductive thought, that tomorrow will be better. Nicely written.

Chris G. said...

Scattered and rushed reality - I've certainly had days like that. I can see the stress boiling up to the fore as the piece pours on. Fabulous flow and build. I can just imagine the mind reaching that point, that final burst when you shout "STOP," and everything slowing down...deep breaths. Nice piece.

Jana said...

i am fond of how you find the most wonderful photos to pair with your poetry--which is always well written. :) i like it.

kkrige said...

I browsed around a little and love your mixed media of photos paired with poems. This poem is a great look at the pell-mell state of so many. Good build up of stressors to the STOP!

Beachanny said...

Morning's thought stream. Mine is often similar but would never think to organize it into a metaphor for life as you have here. Well done. Gay @beachanny