Thursday, January 13, 2011

OldSchool Cold Haiku


Winter’s first fist
Shakes and whisper loudly
Spring Saturday

Florida ears
Unaccustomed to cover
Chilled stingers

Strawberry farmers
No sleep for you tonight
Looming frost 

Iced crayons
Turn sky deep gray
Ocean’s warmth

@dgdreamin ‘s Garden
Sleeps in cold winter cave
OSH‘s only naps

 North wind go
Propeller of inconvenience
from Summer’s house

Pilings hugging, 
from invisible winter sea,
Screen door slam

Northern storm,
Mistakenly left ajar,
Steals our summer 


Suz said...

I love the iced crayons image
Yes, old school haiku
When I read most haiku they succeed
in using the sylables but fail to have two seperate thoughts
then turn
to unite them in a thought
and fail to use the season and references to aged worn rusty things
Haiku is high art to me
which I have failed at many times..but most people don't notice..they see the sylables and like it....oh to learn the real art of haiku
your life sounds like you have experienced a lot of other cultures..good for you
hope to visit here more often

sakuo said...

From your Twitter I reached here,I find wonderful haiku fountain.I enjoyed them.
Thank you for sharing.


Gen said...