Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Shaking doubts

 Fog of uncertainties

Kicking away 

Mindless suspicions

From the back of a 

Painted wooden horse

I follow 

Satriani's forlorn

A glimpse of Lace 

One small look



One More Dance

One More Dance


Anonymous said...

Something about this had the ring of a neruda poem...brava sir ;)

dustus said...

"Satriani's forlorn wail / A glimpse of Lace..." Way to pay homage to the guitarist through a fine poem. Cheers

Claudia said...

From the back of a
Painted wooden horse
I follow...what a unique picture...riding towards rhythmic beats..forlorn wail..nice

Brian Miller said...

excellent play off the prompt, paying homage but telling your own story....

Hope said...

yes, wonderful take on the prompt!
well done!
thank you

izzy said...

Good one! love the painted wooden horse,
and following the wail- Thanks.

joanny said...

A really nice rhythmic poem, one more dance great ending to this lyrical poem,,, nicely done one shot